Mandatory mask-wearing at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics

From November 2, 2021, it is obligatory to wear a mask in the interior, closed spaces (classrooms, corridors, offices, library) of the university.

To protect university citizens, the management of BME has imposed a mask-wearing obligation. In the classroom, the instructor holding the lecture is not required to wear a mask. A student who does not wear a mask may be refused to participate in a lesson or exam. In dormitories, wearing a mask is still not mandatory beyond the entrance gate.

At BME, in-person education continues at all levels and forms. Certain study activities (e.g. consultations, assignments) are recommended to be performed electronically.

To reduce the risk of the coronavirus epidemic, to safely carry out in-person education and work, all university citizens need to be adequately protected. Based on this shared responsibility, university citizens are expected to take the opportunity to be vaccinated and to comply with health and hygiene standards for epidemiological control.

In cooperation with Semmelweis University and the Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest, BME has also set up its own vaccination point to provide BME staff and students with the opportunity to take the first and third booster vaccinations against the new type of coronavirus.

Registration for each of the five vaccination days was quickly full. More than a thousand people registered and received their vaccinations from October 15 at the vaccination site at BME.

The measures to reduce the risk of a coronavirus epidemic and protect university citizens' health are summarized on the information page of the coronavirus situation at the BME website.