BME helps transborder students and Ukrainian partner universities

BME helps the students affected by the Ukrainian crisis with dormitory accommodation and scholarship. The institution offers help for people fleeing from Ukraine as well.

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics supports its closely 40 Ukrainian students and their families with multiple actions:

  • students affected by the Ukrainian crisis can get dormitory accommodation if needed,
  • students’ family members who fled from Ukraine can also apply for dormitory accommodation to the extent of the free dormitory capacities,
  • students affected by the Ukrainian crisis can apply for extraordinary emergency financial aid and flexible course schedules,
  • psychological counselling is also available for these students.  


The leadership of BME offers its help to the Ferenc Rakoczi II. Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education and BME’s partner universities in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Uzhhorod and Dnipro. BME offers its support to their students and colleagues being forced to leave the country. 

  • A work unit and infrastructure is offered at BME for the researchers arriving from these Ukrainian universities. 
  • BME also welcomes the partner universities' students, undertakes their educational integration with partial transfer, credit recognition and mentoring. 


The work team of BME Gender Equality Plan and the Talent Support Council organises special programmes for the children of families fleeing from Ukraine.


Further information on BME’s aid package can be requested at .


Based on the decision of the Hungarian Government to keep the humanitarian help centralized, we are required to inform all Non-Ukrainian citizen students to turn to their Embassy for help.  If you need help to find your Embassy in Hungary, please search for “Diplomatic corps in Hungary” database.