BME is on the way to Euroengineer

The member of European Federation of National Engineering Associations and BME are in cooperation.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics signed a cooperation agreement with the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers (MMK) with the aim of renewing the institution's membership in the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI).

The professional community of FEANI founded in 1951 is coordinating the cooperation of 350 engineering organizations and universities in 33 European countries working together with other organizations, providing the advocacy of the engineering profession in the European Union.

FEANI is responsible for the European Engineering Education Database as well. It is extremely useful for universities to be listed in the professional register. It is not only a kind of quality indicator of the universities’ educational system but also an important measure of international students' choice when choosing an institution for higher education. Therefore, the cooperation that has started can be a strategic tool for the internationalization of BME, and for reaching foreign students even more effectively.

By signing the cooperation, MMK starts to work out the necessary procedure for FEANI membership, and after joining they will also participate in the ongoing work of the institution. The main purpose of becoming a member is to enable students to bear the title of Euroengineer (Eur. Ing.) after graduation.

The cooperation agreement was signed by Tibor Czigány, Rector of the University, General Deputy Chancellor András Pálfalvi, and Gábor Szőllőssy, Vice President of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineering.


Rector's Office Communication Unit

Photo: B. Geberle