Science|Business: BME is not affected by the EU block on funds

The university is committed to cooperating with all members of the European research area.

János Levendovszky, vice rector for research and innovation said that to Science|Business funding from Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe is a major factor for the university, which is very active in applying for EU money.

Currently, it has 17 grant proposals either accepted or under consideration and has had two winners of European Research Council grants in the past six months.

As BME confirmed in its statement on 14the April: BME is fully eligible to participate in Horizon Europe projects and sign legal commitments, including grants and contracts in Horizon Europe. BME can apply and receive funding as beneficiaries.

Background of the statement is: after a notification on the EU’s funding portal, warning project coordinators about disruption to their grants if they are working with certain Hungarian entities, BME has received several emails from concerned partners asking if the university is still eligible to receive EU funds.

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