BME Competence Map helps researchers show their real potential

This specific instrument is an up-and-coming force aiming to promote practices to facilitate researchers’ successful participation in Horizon Europe.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics open to cooperate with its partners, and fully eligible to participate in Horizon Europe projects. In the article published in Borbala Schenk the BME Competence Map editor reports about the young initiative, presented officially in May 2022.  „When you enter a consortium, even if you are only leading a task, you are part of a group of people developing inoovative concepts. When you are enter the scene, it is already a success.” Borbala Schenk explains the main goal behind the idea to change the way success is measured in research funding.

The BME Competence Map provides a rich source of information about research expertise and achievements of the researchers and the research groups of the University.

The whole article can be read here.