Graduates from over 50 countries received their diplomas at the ceremony held in the Assembly Hall of BME’s Central Building.

Students finishing their studies at BME this year came from Tunisia, Azerbaijan and Pakistan in the largest numbers, but there are fresh graduates also from the United States of America, Iran, Namibia and Cape Verde. Several countries were represented at the event by their embassy staff, and in addition to family members, BME's international student recruitment partners were also present.

Members of the Academic Procession arriving to the tune of Gaudeamus Igitur: Emília Csiszár vice-rector for international affairs; Balázs Vince Nagy chair of the EELISA Alliance Executive Board and SEFI president, Ákos Zoltán Németh director (Directorate of Sales and Services) representing the Chancellery, László Gergely Vigh director (Rector's Office, Department of Academic Affairs), Tamás Lovas head of department (BME Faculty of Civil Engineering), Csaba Hős vice-dean (BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering); Ágnes Gyetvai, née  Balogh vice-dean (BME Faculty of Architecture); Zoltán Hell head of the English language programmes (BME Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology); Eszter Gerhát, née Udvary associate professor (BME Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics); Ádám Török  vice-dean (BME Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering); István Prok vice-dean (BME Faculty of Natural Sciences); Mária Szalma, née Csete vice dean (BME Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences); and  Dóra Baranyai, member of the Students’ Representative Council of the University.

The ceremony was moderated by Eszter Mozsár, administrator expert of the Rector's Office.

“Congratulations on the occasion of receiving your degrees awarded by one of the most prestigious universities in Central Europe” – Emília Csiszár, BME’s vice-rector for international affairs greeted the young graduates with these words. "We look forward to keeping in touch with you, to hearing about your experiences and achievements, and to sharing your professional successes, which have been made possible by the solid knowledge you have gained at BME." The Vice-Rector also reminded the young graduates that "friendships formed during their university years are important and can develop into lifelong fellowships; cherish them and support each other in the future, even if this is only possible in virtual space." She then asked the young people to "to act as ambassadors for our university: to help enhance the reputation of this institution, wherever life takes you."

Balázs Vince Nagy, associate professor, chair of the EELISA Alliance Executive Board and president of the European Society for Engineering Education, SEFI stressed: “BME has been a member of EELISA, the alliance of Higher Education Institutions in Europe, for four years. Together with nine excellent higher education institutions from eight countries across Europe – from Spain to France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Turkey – our students have the opportunity to gain experience at all these universities, working together to solve problems shared around the world. You will become alumni of the best technical university in Hungary, BME, and also of EELISA. We will not forget you, we will welcome you back, should you want to get a master's degree or a PhD”.

The Schönherz Brass Band, consisting of former and current students of the university, played two energetic songs for the graduates.

“You have a great diploma in your hands, which you have gained through hard work. I can assure you that this diploma is recognised all over the world and will enable you to succeed anywhere, in any circumstances”, Gergely László Vigh, head of the Rector's Cabinet’s Directorate of Foreign Language Programmes said. He stressed that the new graduates will always be members of the BME community. The university welcomes them back as students, researchers or partners.

On behalf of the Students’ Representative Council of the University Dóra Baranyai congratulated the graduates, expressing her hope that they will keep in touch with the university in the future.

Raksa Mom from BME’s Faculty of Civil Engineering addressed the audience on behalf of all the graduates. He thanked the parents for their unwavering support and the academic staff for their work. He reminded his fellow students that graduation marks the end of an interesting chapter, rich in experiences, and also the beginning of an exciting new period in their lives.

After the speeches, the representatives of the faculties - in the order of their foundation - awarded the diplomas.

The graduation ceremony ended with the National Anthem.




Rector’s Cabinet Communications Directorate

Photos: B. Geberle