”John von Neumann” Professors

The prestigious ”John von Neumann” Professor title is awarded jointly by the Budapest University of Technology and Economincs (BME) and the John von Neumann Computer Society  to an internationally well-known and acknowledged professor of a Hungarian or foreign university whose field of expertise and activities are related to the scientific achievements of John von Neumann and whose activities are connected to BME.


The ”John von Neumann” Professors of BME:


2017: László Lovász, mathematician, Abel Prize Laureate

2018: János Sztipanovits, electrical engineer and computer scientist, distinguished Professor at Vanderbilt University

2019: Dan Shechtman, chemist, Nobel Laureate 

2020: László Székelyhídi Jr.Leibniz Prize Laureate, mathematician, Professor at University of Leipzig

2021: Endre Szemerédi, mathematician, Abel Prize Laureate 

2022: Sir Konstantin Sergeevich Novoselov, Nobel laureate physicist, Professor at National University of Singapore and University of Manchester

2023: Katalin Karikó, Széchenyi Prize-winning biochemist and research biologist