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Foreign language trainings for foreign students

BME has been offering English-language trainings in its education portfolio since 1984, and the popularity of these academic programmes is growing each year. Currently, the 8 faculties of the university offer 7 bachelor’s, 19 master's and 15 doctoral programmes to young people from all over the world. Currently, the University has nearly 2,300 international students from 102 countries, which is more than 12 percent of the total student population. BME also runs joint education programmes with 70 international institutions.

You can find the different levels of programmes available for foreign students at BME Xplore webpage.

There are various scholarship programmes to help foreign students study abroad, the most significant of which is the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme. The educational policy objective of the initiative, coordinated by the Tempus Public Foundation, is to promote the internationalisation and quality development of Hungarian higher education, strengthen the international relations of the Hungarian academic elite, increase the cultural diversity of higher education institutions, and promote competitive Hungarian higher education in the world. The other major initiative available to foreign students is the Erasmus scholarship programme, in which around 3,000 students choose to study at BME. 

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In February 2024, 182 students from 51 countries received their diplomas at the International Graduation Ceremony in the lobby of the BME Central Building.

BME also organises various mid-year programmes for students studying at BME, such as the International Career Day related to career choices, which also gave the opportunity to meet international recruitment experts.

Traditional folk music, dancing, sports and entertainment programmes are also provided for foreign students at the International Week, which has already been held several times.