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Unveiling of Symbolic Statue on BME Grounds on Women's Day

2024. 03. 06.

The girls can scan collective, in collaboration with the Architecture Student Studio, the Pro Progressio Foundation, and EELISA, cordially invites you to a special event on 8 March.

The girls can scan collective, founded by former students of the Faculty of Architecture at BME (BME ÉPK), wishes to remind the university community that there have been numerous female engineers and researchers with ties to BME whose careers are deserving of a statue. ‘We believe that there is someone to remember, so please send the names of female engineers worthy of celebration with a short description of why they are being remembered to’, wrote the founders of the girls can scan collective.

Despite more than a century passing since Eszter Pécsi became the first female engineer to graduate from BME, no statues on campus commemorate women's achievements. ‘Only allegorical female figures adorn the campus and its historic gardens’ – the organisers wrote in the event description.

Therefore, the girls can scan collective will host a symbolic statue unveiling at 17:00 on 8 March at the ODOO pavilion in the garden of Building K of BME.

Through the ceremony for unveiling the symbolic statue of a woman starting at 17:00 on 8 March, the organisers aim to celebrate women engineers and scientists, and raise awareness of the absence of public statues commemorating women's careers. The event will also feature a performance by Momento, the chamber choir of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. In the event of rain, the event will be held in the lobby of Building K.

As the initiative aligns with the goals of the EELISA university association, the EELISA working group at BME plans for long-term collaboration with the organising student community.

In conjunction with the event, the Faculty of Architecture at BME and the Pro Progressio Foundation are launching a creative competition related to the University’s gardens and the Eszter Pécsi Lecture Hall. The call for submissions will be announced following the March 8th event



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