BME Success Monitor

As a leading higher educational institution both domestically and internationally, for two decades, BME has been the home for engineers, economists and scientists achieving professional breakthroughs, and shaping our future requiring extraordinary solutions by their extraordinary proficiency.
In our constantly updated selection of news named BME Success Monitor we highlight the latest achievements the Budapest University of Technology and Economics gained on international fields, the scores achieved in global rankings, and the worldwide successes of our researchers, teachers and students.  


27. 02. 27.

International AI research to explore the molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease

BME is participating in the EU's global research initiative entitled “EU Joint Programme – Neurodegenerative Disease Research” (JPND) aimed at tackling the challenge of neurodegenerative diseases.


20. 02. 2024.

TwinEU, the digital twins project launched with BME participation

One of the largest projects in the EU's innovation framework is the TwinEU project, which aims to develop the concept of a digital version of the European electricity system.


15. 02. 2024.

Japanese-Hungarian-Turkish team to develop AI based traffic control system

The European Interest Group CONCERT-Japan provides funding for a project coordinated by Vilmos Simon, BME’s associate professor. The awarded consortium involves BME VIK MEDIANETS Lab as a member.


30. 01. 2024.

Cross-semester admission results: BME remains the most popular university

BME retains its top position among November applicants: 1 out of 4 students starting their studies in the upcoming spring semester will be attending BME.


15. 01. 2024.

BME moves up two places and its faculties are among the best

The new university ranking of the higher education website has been published, providing important and specific info for those about to decide on their further education.



21. 12. 2023.

Miklós Ybl Prize awarded to BME’s professor

The Ybl Prize was awarded to János Krähling, professor and head of the Department of History of Architecture and Monument Preservation at BME’s Faculty of Architecture.



20. 12. 2023.

Gábor Stépán joins Chinese Academy of Sciences as first Hungarian foreign member

Scientific relations between Hungary and China are tied stronger as the Chinese Academy of Sciences elects Gábor Stépán, BME’s professor as foreign member.


08. 12. 2023.

BME once again on the word ranking of sustainable universities

Quacquarelli Symonds released its sustainability ranking for the second time where BME performed the best among the technology universities of the region’s capitals.


31. 10. 2023.

BME's mechanical and electrical engineering programmes are among the best worldwide

5,000 institutions have been assessed selected from 25,000 universities around the world, ranking training programmes of 1,900 of them, with three BME programmes being in the top 500.


17. 10. 2023.

This mathematician is making sense of nature’s complexity

The MIT Technology Review published the profile of Gábor Domokos, a professor of BME.


03. 10. 2023.

Ferenc Krausz is one of the recipients of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics

The new Nobel laureate in physics, Ferenc Krausz, is an honorary doctorate of the BME, having graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics in 1985.


03. 10. 2023.

The largest network focused on engineering education in Europe now has a president from BME

Balázs Vince Nagy, an instructor at BME’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has been elected as president of SEFI, the European Society for Engineering Education.


26. 09. 2023.

Article by BME authors in Mathematical Intelligencer

In 1978, the renowned journal published an article on the Rubik's Cube, in 2006 on the “Gömböc,” and now on "The balance of tetrahedra", written by researchers from BME.


21. 09. 2023.

European QS university rankings revealed

In the European regional QS ranking, published for the first time this year, BME ranked as the second best Hungarian university, and the 10th best in Eastern Europe.


30. 08. 2023.

American recognition for Gábor Stépán

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has granted the Lyapunov Award to Gábor Stépán, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and BME’s Bolyai Prize-winning professor.


21. 08. 2023.

The BME holds its place in the word ranking of the best universities

This year, 4 Hungarian universities, including the BME, were included in the Shanghai list, which ranks the best universities in the world.


31. 07. 2023.

Children university students filled the BME campus

14 groups, nearly 30 scientific presentations and seminars, 60 chaperones and 320 participants. This year's BME Children's University in numbers, with relentless success.


07. 07. 2023.

The BME-MNB teams have competed against international technology giants

Two teams from BME and MNB have competed in a competition focusing on the application possibilities of central bank digital currencies, mainly for tech companies. One of the teams have made it to the finals.


30. 06. 2023.

BME at a better position again in the world university rankings

BME has moved up more than a hundred places to 741-750th in the 2023 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) world rankings.


28. 06. 2023.

Another satellite, made by BME’s students, is now operating in space: MRC-100

BME’s new small satellite, launched into space by a SpaceX rocket, has started to emit signals. 


22. 06. 2023.

BME researchers on the cover of the world’s most powerful popular scientific journal

Quanta Magazine reviews the world’s best 50 scientific journals and selects one out of the best materials to publish after editing. 


16. 06. 2023. 

Gábor Stépán is BME’s first Bolyai Prize winner

The Bolyai Prize, created on the civil society’s initiative and given to individuals who have achieved outstanding results in science even by foreign standards.


14. 06. 2023.

SpaceX rocket successfully launches BME-s fifth small satellite

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket has launched the Transporter 8 mission from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California (USA) with BME’s MRC-100 satellite on board.


13. 06. 2023.

The two latest BME spin-offs are already in operation

Products of an enterprise partly owned by the university can remotely control autonomous vehicles with driving skills surpassing that of a professional driver.

05. 23. 2023.

BME is ahead of the world's leading universities in the latest CWUR ranking

The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) examined more than 20,000 higher education institutions. Based on the education metric, BME is 215th in the world.


05. 16. 2023.

AI breaks new ground in traffic control

Interview about the City AI intelligent transportation system, developed in the MEDIANETS lab of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at BME.


05. 10. 2023.

BME Competence Map helps researchers show their real potential

This specific instrument is an up-and-coming force aiming to promote practices to facilitate researchers’ successful participation in Horizon Europe.


04. 25. 2023.

The world's largest “Gömböc” at Centre Pompidou in Paris

The “Gömböc” is on permanent display in one of the world's most important collections of contemporary art, which is also one of the largest public libraries in France.


04. 24. 2023.

European quantum computer to be built with BME’s participation

The project named Open Superconducting Quantum Computers was launched on March 1 uniting 28 research partners from 10 European countries aiming to develop a 1000 qubit quantum computer.


04. 12. 2023.

Groundbreaking results in the development of intelligent materials by BME reserchers

BME researchers’ solution in a joint article with a Nobel Prize-winning scientist.


 03. 30. 2023.

How AI technology developed in Antarctica can help diagnose depression

Software based on speech analysis has been developed by specialists from Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and Semmelweis University to help diagnose depression.


03. 24. 2023.

BME again among the best technical universities in the QS Ranking in 2023

BME was the best among the Hungarian universities in the QS Ranking of five areas of science.



03. 10. 2023.

Three of the four Hungarian astronaut candidates are BME graduates

The HUNOR - Hungarian Astronaut Programme begins the two-year training of Hungary’s newly established career astronaut team consisting of one doctor and three engineers.

 02. 13. 2023.


BME’s engineers help assess the damage of the earthquake in Turkey

Four experts from BME are working in Turkey to assess the damage caused by the earthquake and create safe conditions for underground rescue operations.

01. 31. 2023.

Another BME awardee in Europe’s most prestigious scientific grant competition

Péter Makk, solid-state physics researcher at BME is the second BME awardee in three months in the EU’s ERC grant programme.

01. 30. 2023.

BME ranks first again among Hungarian Architecture Universities

BME’s Faculty of Architecture is in the world’s top 30 in the Buildner University Ranking, which is based on competition results.

12. 16. 2022.

BME among the best universities worldwide by QS 2022 ranking

QS World University Rankings by Subject (QS WUR by Subject), as well the new QS Sustainability ranking place BME among the world’s best universities.

11. 23. 2022.

BME researcher won an ERC Starting Grant award

The only Hungarian winner of this years’ European Union Excellence program is a researcher at BME.