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It’s competition time again

2023. 11. 14.

Invitation to the MNB-BME Case Solving Competition for students of BME, organised by the Central Bank of Hungary and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics is now open.

As last year, students who are interested in complex business problems, like to work in a team and want to try their hand at managerial decision-shaping and decision-making are invited to compete. All members of the teams with 3-4 students must have an active student status in the first term of the academic year 2023/2024 in at least one of BME's faculties in a bachelor, master or single-cycle programme.

 The competition is divided into two parts. On the day of the start of the competition, each team will be given a case to solve, will have 2-3 days to tackle it and submit a presentation and executive summary. Based on these materials, a professional jury will select the finalist teams, who will present their solutions in person and answer the jury's questions.

The case to be solved will be in English, while the primary language of the solution documents and the final presentation will be Hungarian, but they may also be submitted/demonstrated in English. The final will take place on 24 November and members of the winning team will each receive a prize of HUF 200,000.

Last year's competition attracted 34 students from 5 of the 8 faculties of BME, in 12 teams.

Attention: registration is open until 16 November


Rector’s Cabinet Communications Directorate